Thursday, November 21, 2019

Internet Piracy - Preventing the Distribution and Downloading of Essay

Internet Piracy - Preventing the Distribution and Downloading of Copyrighted Material - Essay Example Internet piracy is considered unethical and is said to be no different from stealing. Information should not be free and sharing of copyrighted material is illegal as stipulated in rules and regulations regarding freedom of information. Basing on the ethical argument and the negative economic repercussions of internet piracy, companies and all other entities handling copyrighted information should put in place measures to prevent the distribution and downloading of copyrighted material. Copyright A copyright generally refers to a collection of rights granted by an authority to an innovator of an original piece of work for a specific period of time and in return their work will be disclosed to the general public inclusive of the right to duplicate or adapt their work of art. Usually copyright owners do not have to be registered. They have the absolute right to control copying and other manipulation of their piece of art for a limited duration after which the particular piece of work g oes into the public domain. Copyright owners are however getting themselves in trouble in the modern world because of the beast that has been manifested through internet piracy (Sheri 68). The essay discusses some of the methods that can be used by companies to protect data against internet piracy. Copy protect This is among the most commonly used methods by film, music, video game and software companies. Copy protect is an exceptional application that majorly prevents illegal distribution (New Softwares. net, Inc). It is distinct data copy protection software that inhibits the replication of information i.e. copyrighted CDs/DVDs. It can be described simply as a technology that prevents duplication and sharing of copyrighted material. It is important to protect pictures, documents, videos, software, story scripts, designs and audios as they can be easily shared. It has been noted that companies that use copy protection to make higher profits. Although implementation of the copy prot ection is expensive, it is countered by increased profits which are gained by preventing piracy of copyrighted files. This application has strong copy protection for documents, videos, audios, software, video games and information. Additionally, they are user-friendly with navigate user interface that does not require added programming skills. Companies can safely distribute their songs, software, films, video games and graphical designs using distribution media such as CDs, DVDs, Blu- ray disc and many others (New Softwares. net, Inc.). This application has been modified to fit the needs of different customers. It also eliminates the need to set up the application on the other end that opens the copy protected documents. Finally, the application prevents internet piracy, file sharing and illegal distribution. A joint venture that seeks to prevent the illegal download of copyrighted material: Two global companies: ContentX Technologies and Cybermesh International Corp. have worked h and in hand to help companies deal with the problem of illegal downloading of copyrighted materials (Bokdawalla). ContentX deals in internet security, monetization and security applications that will be valuable in venture. On the other hand, Cybermesh International Corp. develops technologies that are used in the online distribution in the media, entertainment and telecommunication

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